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Message Subject How many teeth would an alien have? Humans have 32 or can be a few short, but..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I just went back and he say's....

" I've seen 2 kinds, the tall whites in Indian Springs, and the ones I call the Norwegians in Madison, Wisconsin and if my dentist wouldn't have pointed them out I would have never noticed them. Now, Humans are gentically coded to have 32 teeth. And some Dinosuars have even been known to have, 32 teeth. And there all Mammals"

Than he begins to say...

:No mammal has ever been known to have genetic coding of 24 teeth"

However in a 1949 US army study. Something of over 5,000 of 542...people were put to death in a German death camp, that were rounded up who were gentically coded with 24 teeth and webbed feet (somewhat) ....

This is fascinating.
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