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Message Subject How many teeth would an alien have? Humans have 32 or can be a few short, but..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have a question.

I just watched a video with Dr. Charles Hall who claims he worked with the Tall Whites in Dreamalnd.

I think he said the Aliens had a shuffle for a walk and around 24 teeth. I lost it as I was cleaning as I was listening, but was curious and looked in my mouth and that is how many I have. Well 25, and never got my molers.

Humans are supposed to have 32 and have seen as low as 28, but 24/ 25....that's quite a drop.

Anyone know about the teeth on an alien?

Just curious..

 Quoting: 32 Teeth 35464651

Just a thing about teeth, I sometimes wonder about the 32 thing because my birthdate adds up to 32, many significant times in my life have had the numbers 3 and 2 or 2 and 3 in that order in the dates or 5, which is 3+2. I know people get annoyed at the number thing but think, 32 teeth, 5 digits on our hands and feet (3+2), the Number 23 Phenomenon. I was also born on the 16th which adds up to 7 which is seen as a very Holy number, and in the 11th month too. 11 is very significant as a number to many people.

I am not suggesting I am anyone special, I'm just like anybody else, I don't even celebrate my birthday because I see it as a very self-indulgent thing to do...who am I that I should have people spend their money on me just because it's the day I came into this world? If they truly love me why not give me gifts every day and me give them gifts every day? Why should family love and friendships reach a peak on just one or two days a year, yet you can hate and argue with each other all the rest of the year. Anyway.

I am just curious.

As for your question, I don't think you're an alien, unless people born with no teeth are aliens too or people with small penis LOL. It's just how we are. If you are thinking you are special, you are, we all are in our own ways, but you are not from another planet or chosen to be a prophet. Trust me I've gone down that road of thought before and it led me to bad, bad places.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27184775

Thank you for all that. I don't think I'm special or anything, just always questioned my small mouth and why so little teeth as to everyone else...and than I hear this!


I just went back and he say's....

" I've seen 2 kinds, the tall whites in Indian Springs, and the ones I call the Norwegians in Madison, Wisconsin and if my dentist wouldn't have pointed them out I would have never noticed them. Now, Humans are gentically coded to have 32 teeth. And some Dinosuars have even been known to have, 32 teeth. And there all Mammals"

Than he begins to say...

:No mammal has ever been known to have genetic coding of 24 teeth"

However in a 1949 US army study. Something of over 5,000 of 542...people were put to death in a German death camp, that were rounded up who were gentically coded with 24 teeth and webbed feet (somewhat) ....

Just makes you wonder....
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