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Message Subject How many teeth would an alien have? Humans have 32 or can be a few short, but..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have a question.

I just watched a video with Dr. Charles Hall who claims he worked with the Tall Whites in Dreamalnd.

I think he said the Aliens had a shuffle for a walk and around 24 teeth. I lost it as I was cleaning as I was listening, but was curious and looked in my mouth and that is how many I have. Well 25, and never got my molers.

Humans are supposed to have 32 and have seen as low as 28, but 24/ 25....that's quite a drop.

Anyone know about the teeth on an alien?

Just curious..

 Quoting: 32 Teeth 35464651

I've got 26, that's all I've ever had.
 Quoting: ming

26 is weird..28 seems to be the lowest so far I can read about people having. I have exactly 24 teeth and I would like to see who on GLP might have that as well - IF ANY AT ALL!

If you have 24...Please leave a comment here- THNX!
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