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Message Subject How I handled a Jehovah's Witness the other day
Poster Handle BlavkRabbit
Post Content
I was 15 with two friends of mine returning home when two 50 year old Jehovah's Witnesses tried to proselytize us. We sat there for quite some time, talked with them... actually they did the talking, gave us a greek copy of the Watch Tower, another magazine, their phone numbers and we left.

I didn't know wth Jehovah's Witness was, so I asked them quiestions and when I got home I didn't throw away the magazines but I (a functional dyslexic) read every single line the magazines had.

After having enough information about the religion, I said to myself "What a piece of crap. Can't they write better stories?"

And that's the story how I hooked myself on sci-fi, even stories about weird aliens, space traveling and mambo-jumbo bear like future offspring of the human race seemed more realistic than the Watch Tower.

Thank you Jehovah's Witnesses

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