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Message Subject How I handled a Jehovah's Witness the other day
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was waiting at a bus stop when a pretty lady (about 35 yr old) approached me and started to show me her Jehovah's Witness literature, the Watch Tower, and so on.
As soon as I saw that it was Jehovah's Witness material, I said right away, "Ahhh Jehovah's Witness, eh? You NEED to get out of that cult right away. It is VERY important that you leave it immediately. Religion across the board is man-made nonsense, however Jehovah's Witness is a shitty cult! It is a controlling, shitty cult. It is VERY important that you leave them right away and not look back".

That is what I say to JW's who approach me with their cultish material.
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nothing to be proud of
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