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Message Subject The Madagascar, The GIANT Alien Race
Poster Handle Elizastorm
Post Content
The name by which they have chosen that is a huge secret, that has not even been reveled to me yet. There is a lot we don't no about this planet. Why places are even named, the way they are all over planet earth. Are humans really naming these countries or did the Aliens guide them towards what to name every inch of this planet. The MADAGASCAR are part of the Ten nations of Aliens. They have been here way before man was even designed. They are one of many Alien keepers of the planet, don't worry about their intentions. Just make sure you live a good life, don't bring harm to anyone innocent. Be good to yourself and others. And what ever you do never challenge their authority. They are truly the GODS of the UNIVERSE, and the MADAGASCAR if definitely a GIANT GOD. Look around you they left proof every where on earth of their existence. Look at all of the unexplained ancient structures that were built. That would of taken heavy duty machinery of this time to build and the man power of a thousand men. The government doesn't want anyone to know about the GIANT ALIENS. The government hides so much information, they want people to always see them as larger then life. When in reality it is really the big dogs that are running the show. The Aliens, The GODS, and APOPHIS in every form possible. They are here and its their show. They do what they want,there is no explanation needed. Now power tripping human beings, may have a problem accepting that. Elizastorm
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