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Message Subject The Madagascar, The GIANT Alien Race
Poster Handle dave
Post Content
I will attempt, to post this again. By any chance if my post is taken from the database again, please make a note of what I am about to tell you. It is very important There is a Alien Race. They are giant in size, about 3 or 4 times the height of a bear standing on his back legs. Their physical size is massive, once again about 3 or 4 combine bears. They are the predator race of Aliens. They are called the Madagascar. Even though their size is so massive, if they are in a room with you, you would not even know it. Unless they make their presence known to you. The Madagascar are an Ancient Alien race, their presence on this planet is marked. Look at all those, unexplained ancient massive structures, that still stand all over the world. That would have taken the man power of over a thousand men to build. The Madagascar have never left this earth. They are still here. The giant Alien race, they are beautiful. I have been in the presence of them, although it is difficult to give you a deep, description of their face. I saw them in a silhouette shadow form. I can tell you when the Madagascar sits down, it looks like they are still standing. That gives you an idea of their giant like size. Their head size is extremely large. They can take any size man and palm them like a basketball. They want me to tell all of you about them. They want all of you to understand and realize they are here on earth with you. They want their presence known. It is o.k. if you don't understand why they are called Madagascar. They just want you all to understand , that is the name they all want you call them. The Ones of many Alien, Ancient Races. The MADAGASCAR. The predator gods.
 Quoting: Elizastorm

I believe you... never met MADAGASCAR as far as i know...Waiting for my dream maybe i ll meet with them there... I want see MADAGASCAR sorry for me i cant :(
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