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Message Subject UFO Over Argentina And Chile Last Night! Debunk this, Swamp Gastards
Poster Handle QuantumKev
Post Content
Los Halcones de Fuerza Aérea de Chile you idiots. An airshow group based in Santiago. They use to do this kind of night flights, plenty of videos of them.

You degenerated subhuman pieces of shit hopefully never procreate. You are polluting the genepool with your stupidity. Eat shit and die you subhumans.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39601376

This has been seen in the araucania region, that's very far from Santiago, there's no way this is Halcones.

It has been reported as a meteor shower in the local news.
 Quoting: aadonay

Because it's exactly what it is.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26335144

It should be noted that if indeed this too was a meteor shower, which it could well have been given the other video someone posted, that in itself is pretty astounding, considering the meteor that hit a house in Connecticut, the one seen over Britain, and the one over Japan just a couple of days ago.

I for one am a weeeee bit intrigued by the extreme uptick in the sightings of significant meteors. As someone who has been a sky watcher his whole life, I can say that there are WAY more now than there have ever been. Something is definitely different. Whether it's Nibiru coming, some "dark commet", ISON debris - who really knows. But it's definitely "not the norm," and could definitely be a sign....

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