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Message Subject UFO Over Argentina And Chile Last Night! Debunk this, Swamp Gastards
Poster Handle Passiveobsessive
Post Content
Hey,that's purdy cool! In all my years of not researching UFOs, or as I scientifically refer to them as WTF's. I would have to say that it is obviously a series of pie plates reflecting light from a low orbit satellite which is powered by swamp gas. The gas is delivered by geese, or gooses, equipped with night vision goggles.

Or it could be that it is indeed a WTF because no one has any idea what it is exactly. I would dare say, like a previous poster, that they may slowly be acclimating us to their presents. Maybe they already tried the whole 'surprise! Were here!' And caused a nuclear holocaust because everyone freaked out.

The Russian video didn't surprise me at all though, THEY ALWAYS have great cameras lol.

But it is a big blinky, hovering thingy that I have no doubt.cool2
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