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Anders Behring Breivik will start the Norwegian fascist party

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27811313
05/10/2013 03:02 PM
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Anders Behring Breivik will start the Norwegian fascist party
In a letter to the Brønnøysund Register mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik (34) sought to create "The Norwegian fascist party and the Nordic league."

It appears by a letter correspondence between mass murderer and Brønnøysund Registry, as VG has disclosed in.

19th February, Anders Behring Breivik sent an application to the Application, with the desire to create the association "The Norwegian fascist party and the Nordic league."

Under the heading "association activities" Breivik writes that there is talk of a party political organization, and continues with small block letters:

"The party's purpose is democratic fascist power in Norway or to win parliamentary support for the creation of an autonomous Norwegian-Nordic indigenous state in South Østfold, named, Norway Yggdrasil."

- To conduct political activities

Yggdrasil is the name of the world tree in Norse mythology - An ash with branches reaching out to the world and to heaven.

Breivik's lawyer Tord Grounded says his client has a desire to engage in political activities, within the legal and democratic framework.

Grounded says Breivik's mind is to get other like-minded users.

- There must be two people who sign the memorandum for the organization and the party, so he only needs one signature from another person that they should be registered. But as it is today, he struggles to send letters with political content. They stopped in a letter control, says Grounded to VG.

One Man's Party

Further down in the application, under the heading "other notes" writes mass murderer:

"Party's rule has not been selected yet, so there is currently a one-man party. I am therefore unsure if the chair is required."

In another letter to Brønnøysundregistrene dated 18 March asking Breivik to get all information about the companies he has previously been a part of - the company that was discussed broadly at the trial.

In a decision of 21 March passed Brønnøysundregistrene that Breivik registermelding refused registration in the CCR.

- In proceedings was concluded that the registry message has not met the requirements to obtain registration in the CCR. The device was applied registered as an association, but did not complete the formal requirements for the registration can be done, says communications director Mette Siri Brønmo in Brønnøysundregistrene to VG.

[link to www.vg.no]

[link to www.aftenposten.no]