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Bilderberg Mafia meet in 2013 in Watson, Hertfordshire UK

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05/11/2013 12:47 PM
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Bilderberg Mafia meet in 2013 in Watson, Hertfordshire UK
Hertfordshire is a county located in England, north of London. The motto of the county's Trust and Fear Not (Trust and fear nothing).

If the citizens of the county are afraid of nothing else, at the Bilderbergers they should make an exception. In any case, the taxpayers of the county this year may ever take over the cost of a large police operation to protect the infamous summit of "world leaders", which takes place in Watford next month.

Of 6 - 9 June meet there about 140 influential people from the high nobility, from politics and the corporate world in the hotel The Grove . During the duration of the meeting, all 227 rooms are booked, so that no subordinate lackey lost from the flock of sheep in the illustrious circle.

The Mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill, said she had mixed feelings and does not know whether the event for the city is a good thing. She expects protests and possibly riots.

The guest list for the "small, flexible, informal and ungewungene International Forum" is kept secret until the start of the meeting.

What is going on with the group ungewungenen up, the time will meet in Hertfordshire, you can in this interview read.

[link to translate.google.de]