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Message Subject According to CH and Far Sight, global coastal events to start May 20 to May 23rd, 2013
Poster Handle sans peur
Post Content
I had a thought that may have relevance to current/future events.
The reason I made this connection is the nature of the dates provided. If you
remember 2 years ago, many cities were awash in billboards, bus placards and
lawn signs stating that the TEOTWAWKI
< [link to en.wikipedia.org] was beginning on May
20, 2011. I remember laughing at them in July 2011, when they were still on buses. A
obscure minister from OK, got millions to advertise his prediction nationally.
The media claimed he got all his money from followers, however, now with the
farsight study, and C H work, I am thinking it was a well funded psych-op to set
the stage for future events paid for by some dark forces. The coverage of the god doom, the billboards That had to be millions..

Letís say TPTB also did remote viewing, they know the dates, some of their
activities demonstrate this as noted by farsight. By planting this seed in the
minds of hundreds of millions, if the farsight events transpire, although 2
years off, the sheeple will be able to be manipulated, not by science and the
validation of remote viewing, but by a false validation of some angry God.

We all know how well people act when on the GOD drug. This plan, ensures mass
conflict, subjugation under a claimed cloud being, and throws science out the
window. Courtney Browns darkest fear.

Like CH, I sure hope I am delusional and wrong. But if I am not, it is one
hell of a plan by those dirty power bastardsÖ
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