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Message Subject According to CH and Far Sight, global coastal events to start May 20 to May 23rd, 2013
Poster Handle beauvoir
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Simon Atkins mentions within the above interview on Fox, that never in recorded history has there been four X-Class solar flares within such a small time span. (You can read more about those recent X-Class solar flares here.)

As a result of such powerful solar flares, there is an energetic output containing such elements as radiation and plasma, which can in turn cause shifts in the tectonic plates on the Earth causing events such as tsunamis. Through Simon Atkins company, Advanced Forecasting Corporation, they have been able to pin point a location which has a heightened risk of a tsunami. That location is in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Within the video on Fox news above, the key threat time window is specified from May the 20th through to June the 5th. But Simon has confirmed to me and also through past interviews he has done, that the 22nd and 23rd of May is most likely the time period for an event or series of events to begin.

Additional information I have been supplied with from Simon Atkins is below.

The Atlantic earthquake risk zone is in a triangle from Iceland to the Canary Islands to St. Louis, MO (from Charlotte NC in the USA). If there is an earthquake of 6-8+, in this zone, it could ripple out the energy to make the tsunami, even if the earthquake is over the land east of St. Louis, because everything travels under land and water energetically and magnetically
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