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Message Subject According to CH and Far Sight, global coastal events to start May 20 to May 23rd, 2013
Poster Handle Shucks
Post Content
When I heard Courtney Brown recently on a certain popular Internet radio program, he got my "doom panties" all in a bunch with all this "Catastrophe by June 1st" stuff.

HOWEVER, I was able to find an interview with him from 1996 on a different popular radio show (which rhymes with Toast to Toast). On that interview he stated that his elite team of Remote Viewing G.I. Joe's had the collective revelation that Comet Hale Bopp was accompanied by a planet-sized spaceship headed straight for earth. And that President Clinton would announce its imminent arrival in early 1997.

Well, we all know what happened with Comet Hale Bopp: Jack and Shit, in that order approximately.

So I did a search for Dr. Courtney Brown. Turns out that prior to being a "doctor" and a "scientist" he was an ACTOR... who routinely played doctors and scientists!

S**t. I got psy-oped again.
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