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Message Subject Hundreds of adults and children saw the spacecraft landings and giant aliens and small robots moving freely in the park
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Control the people through the PRESS (popular media in general)

UFOs been around since WWII with the help of Tesla's work leading to the direct manufacture of the anti-gravity craft.

Agents of the illuminati in all major press outlets around the world.

A social experiment how people will react to aliens.

That is why it was international news, so it would find it's way to the proper analyzers.

They do not have the technology to forcibly take over the world with an alien invasion, their ships are too fragile and they are manned by HUMANS.

So an "invasion" that leads to a one world government out of "peace" is the only way. Too bad for the old world order God is in control.

The story is just a crap experiment.
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