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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle katballoo
Post Content
One thing I have noticed on this forum. Anything in print, video or audible that contradicts ones belief on a subject here is meant with a total meltdown of ones comfort zone.

Look, lets be real. Not a single person on this forum knows who, or what happened in Boston. To act as if we do is asinine. To accept the official story from an agency that bungled and botched an investigation for days, accepting the official story that two young men who happen to be "conspiracy theorists" happened to be the sole perpetrators of am event and manhunt that enlisted hundreds of police and military is absurd to take at face value.

Lives were lost. Rights of citizens in the Boston area were demolished and soon citizens far and wide across this country will feel the fallout of the aftermath of this event.

Total police state.

I for one made this video after several others pointed out the bizarre set of circumstances between this woman in green and the Illuminati card, which has been in play for a few other well noted false-flags.

How do we look at evidence of a woman, the moment the bomb goes off, tossing a device - NOT A WATER BOTTLE - to a man who retrieves it for the police.

In the scene where I have paused the police officer looking at the bald headed man in blue, TAKE NOTICE how there are over a dozen police offers to the left and right and not a SINGLE officer is looking in the direction of the men in blue EXCEPT, guess who? The one officer looking at them happens to be the one who kicks back a device to them.

If you choose to ignore these facts you can do so.

You can also choose to believe al-Qaeda is real and we are not arming them on multiple continents. When you see the Tooth Fairy, please tell her she owes me 2 dollars from 1986. Appreciate it.
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