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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle katballoo
Post Content
...easiest way to see that this post is onto something is the massive number of shills responding... lol... I haven't seen so many "official story" talking points in a long time... thanks for the laughs, shills... you forget that the real people on hear who talk to real people can see right through your stupid megaphony posts... only shills use the term "muzzie" and keep referencing the ridiculous "official" line on this... work up better covers, boys...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17599334

Yes, the government decided that the only way they could pull off the boston bombing is by having a couple of joggers involved with a super duper secret "handoff" of the explosive device. The government decided to go with the most complicated and filmed hand-off possible, conveniently located right at the finish line, so as to fool the rest of the American public.

Or, perhaps there were a couple of doofuses who decided that they wanted to be tough and kill and hurt some people.

But no, let's go for the most out there explanation, which includes a not only two joggers, a complicated toss hand-off of said device, police cooperation in kicking the device away, and a game card. THAT makes much more sense. /S
 Quoting: Henrietta

There isn't too much that won't fool MOST of the American public. The media could tell them almost anything, and they will believe it. Stupid sheeple...
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