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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm glad to see this point keep popping up. There is something to it.

Look for someone that doesn't have a reaction or less of one.
 Quoting: PoAMutant

I think it's incorrect to focus on the man in blue. He is just performing his role, just like nearly everyone on-set (screen) at the finish line.

If you truly want someone with less of a reaction, or a suspicious one, the woman in green is your gal. She runs right by the explosion and her only reaction is to cover her ears, after making the "smooth" backwards toss motion. Then she glances back to check out the scene briefly, before continuing her steady jog.

But it wasn't enough to keep this big grin off her face! [link to i.imgur.com]

By the way, the only reason we got a glimpse of this is because the woman's "shield" (the guy in bright orange jogging in front of her) ducked too low during the toss. Before that he was keeping her very well hidden, as rehearsed.

There is something important that I think this video has wrong. And I haven't heard anyone else mentioning it.

I'm not sure if it's conclusive that the police officer kicked the detonator. It's possible. But I am of the opinion that the old man transferred it inside a black bag/beanie he was carrying.

Next, there is hard proof that the 2nd explosion occurred at the EXACT MOMENT when the old man was receiving help from "a man in yellow." They both held the black bag, and potentially whatever was inside.

See this image:
[link to i.imgur.com] and more clearly here [link to i.imgur.com]

Now this may seem normal, he's helping him up right? Wrong. Immediately after the 2nd explosion, the man in yellow stands back for this photo-op:
[link to i.imgur.com]

The old man can be seen here, being walked away by someone else, with his black bag in hand [link to i.imgur.com] Reportedly, he walked back to his hotel unhelped...

Here is an album with a few other interesting images. Also note the "AP photo elimination notice" for 2 of the images. The AP has attempted to restrict republishing of these photos. Why? Well for one, they show the detonation and the methodical staging/filming of it.

Misc information

More pics of woman:
- [link to imgur.com]

Here she is just seconds before the attack, getting into position (passing the old man in orange -- at that pace, wouldn't she have passed him long ago):

[link to www.liveleak.com]

Frames from video, highlighting the handoff:
[link to imgur.com]

The jogger in green:
- name Peggy Boren
- runner #18430
- race results [link to i.imgur.com]
- a video/interview where peggy describes the day as "near perfection" [link to www.kutv.com]

The old man:
- name Bill Iffrig
- runner #19200
- race results [link to i.imgur.com] (apparently he finished )
- just google his name, he whored himself out for interviews/articles all over the place

The shield in bright orange, let's call him Orange Agent:
- name ??
- runner #27405
- race results: none listed. this is also more runners than participated in the marathon. I didn't find any runner #s near this high.

Now, a skeptic still should ask -- "why the fuck would any of this make sense? Why would the woman throw a detonator to a man behind her?"

Here are a few explanations I can think of:
- first it must be quite an HONOR to illuminati scum to press the button. They seemed to thoroughly their roles, including the old man in yellow who "helped" detonate the 2nd bomb with his bff iffrig.

- hiding in plain view is quite effective. these actors jumped right on tv to give multiple interviews / alibis right away, and they made sure to explain any inconsistencies they noticed. After all, what the news reports is FACT right?? After they play their part, the manhunt for patsies began...

- another possibility is the bomb/detonator are some kind of proprietary/private technology, and by handing it off, they are able to return it through the proper channels
 Quoting: oblunt

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