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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Do you need a pair of glasses? A fucking 3 year old can see it's fake.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1123472

They are fucking delusional, and believe fucking fantasies. It's a waste of time trying to explain anything to these nutjobs. They are fucking disinformation agents by stupidity.
 Quoting: Enorm Uskowk

The entire purpose of this message board is to speculate on various "other" theories regarding current events and is meant for entertainment and hobby...

You, and the other obvious posters, are here with an agenda that is the complete opposite of what this board (and others like it) are all about...

so any educated person would clearly see that you are not here for that reason...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17599334

Exactly as the hoaxtards always do... Call everyone with common sense a shill, while shilling themselves.

You are the fucking kings of hypocrisy!
 Quoting: Enorm Uskowk

Wow, every stop feeding this fuckface troll. The thread is becoming derailed.

He hasn't even stated why he disagrees. He just thinks "it's crazy". Even though we aren't saying anything except, we want answers and we want to discuss this.

Great reasoning, bro! No gtfo if you don't care to think. Go be a lazy cynical piece of shit elsewhere.

Anyway, what i'm concerned with here is figuring out if can get more footage of the finish line from different sources.

Because, this video is so obvious that the lady throws something outta her hand that we have to ask more questions.

And does anyone know where that jogger card came from? It's not in the original game.
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