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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle Enorm Uskowk
Post Content

So, what is the theory here again?

They dressed this woman in green like an alleged card in a 30 year old game; she runs 26 miles holding a detonator, then sets off a bomb right in front of where she's running, then throws said detonator to an 80 year old man who has also just run 26 miles and is conveniently right next to her; and of course, all the nearby Boston cops just happen to be in on the conspiracy too and have been waiting to grab the device.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39530681

That's you're version of decoding this information, based on your perception. You twisted our logic.

We don't know those answers. We just want some other basic answers first. Stop going off topic.
 Quoting: Enorm Uskowk

He isn't "off-topic" you idiot. Any poster who posts the truth is either a paid shill or off-topic according to the loons in this thread. Grab a fucking dictionary please.
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