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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle oblunt
Post Content
Another reason to hand-off to the old man is -- you can't accuse a victim right? think about every other potential suspect/accomplice that has been suggested. People are shamed for accusing a victim... it's the perfect cover, even to some 'critical thinkers' in this thread!

Not sure how to read the race results but it seems weird their finish times were so different.

I still am not convinced there is proof it was a detonator. Unfortunately there's no high res photos released before the old man put it away.

However, the timing of it all including the highly orchestrated photo-ops are highly suspicious. Why did no one else fall? Did everyone think the same thought so fast, "ooh an old man just fell, let's rush over and take some epic shots!" including the police?

And I dont think it's conclusive that the actors knew their part in the whole event. Clearly many people played small roles to make the actual attack as obfuscated as possible, but they may have all been told different stories.

There were many cues given, and if every person did not receive their cue, the detonation may not have happened. But it did...

The reason to have it at the finish line is: there is a whole camera crew to capture it as "proof" for the american sheeple. That's where they set up and protected by security...
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