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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP your theory is simply fatuous.

You want to set off two bombs on the sidewalk at the Boston marathon. So you have someone to place the bombs among the crowd, and then have two runners enter the marathon, one carrying the detonator, who then (for what reason?) immediately throws the detonator to another guy behind her, and then a third person kicks it away and ...


Why do it that way? It's fatuous.

Why wouldn't you : carry the bombs in backpacks to the marathon, which is open to the public, set the backpacks down, walk a half block away, and push the button on the detonator, which you have in your jacket pocket, where no one can see it, and no one can see that you did anything?

Oh yeah. That's exactly what the child-murdering Moslem terrorist Tsarnaev gang DID.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39621206

Because you can't detonate it around the block. You have to be near the bomb, but not so close you'll get blown up. And you want to be beyond suspicion. So you toss the detonator to the old guy. No one thinks a 78 year old white dude who just ran a marathon is a federal agent, I mean terrorist. Who would blow up the marathon as they were crossing the finish line? Who runs 26.2 miles and then blows something up? Fatuous! Huh? Like the card says, NO ONE suspects the jogger. I wonder if she even ran the whole way. There is probably video of her getting out of a cab a mile back. Nothing fatuous about it. Rather ingenious actually.
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