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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle tbear4
Post Content
i think this is a red haring!
someone posted the movie of her passing the old man. now this is what you should be looking at! she goes right past him as if she did not run this race. she does not look like she has ran the race at all. as fast as she is running you can not tell me she was behind this old man the hole time.
she looks like she has just started running. she would never be behind this old man who is running slow as she is running way faster. now this is what you should be looking at.
is there any photo of her in the race before this?
were would she get into this race without anyone seeing her get into the race?
anyone could push a button and then a timer into the bomb would take over so the person could be miles from there before the blowing up happens.
i think the person the put a small pers on top of a bag is who they should be looking for or the man in the doorway with a bag.
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