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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle oblunt
Post Content
I think you guys are looking at this in the completely wrong way. The jogger in green stated she believed she had angels with her, connect that with the fact that whatever that bright thing was went way too straight for it to have been thrown. Unless she threw a fast ball or close at him. Things that are thrown generally have an arc to it in some form whereas in this video it goes straight towards the old man in a straight line without an arc and accelerated too quickly from someone that's going forward. Trying running forward and then throwing a fast ball to someone behind you. My theory is maybe this was a real angel who protected her and then went to the old man to protect him. Hmmmmm?bonghit
 Quoting: thadividedsky

5a Way to bring ti to another level (:

When first watched the object inflight, I was also perplexed by its strange flight path. It doesn't seem to move in a normal arc. I thought perhaps it was affected by the shockwave? Briefly I did consider "white energy" of some sort being transferred... if that's the case, most of us are pretty unqualified to understand :S
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