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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's hard to tell if people are just joking about this...

Or if they just REALLY want to believe in some crazy, crazy story.

First off... The guy "tapping" on the blue shirt's shoulder, looks like he's just communicating, ya know like REAL people do. Besides the fact that he doesn't even get to the "tap" because the bomb goes off first.

Secondly, the police officer looking for the "sign"... The video creator must have some super-duper, hawk-man eyes to see through those glasses, and figure out where the officer's eyes are pointing. What I read is, "Police officer looks in general direction of finish line, so he must be fixed on man in blue for signal."

Thirdly... The angle of the "toss" seems to defy the laws of physics. IF she did make some sort of "pass", that's one hell of a flock-of-the-wrist, laser rocket arm with a solid frisbee form.

Fourthly... The guy isn't "catching" anything. He's 78 and falling. Why does he dance? Because he stumbles and doesn't have the strength to keep his feet underneath him (especially at 78, after a marathon. Look at his jog as it is, pretty weak).

There is nothing here. Just another attempt to FIND a conspiracy. Call me a shill, this is my opinion with me backing up why. Look for a conspiracy all you want, but don't look for such a stretch, with such cheap "evidence."

I would take the obnoxious "actors" theory before this.
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