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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Typical disinfo.
 Quoting: ACG 39852285

Please tell us what is disinformation about a card which came out in the 90s with a blond woman jogger in green with a headband and headphones and a burst of light to her left, with the caption "no one ever suspects a harmless jogger" and seeing that very image right in front of the explosion at the finish line, tossing an object?

Please, I sit in suspense awaiting the supposed disinformation which you speak of...?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39819028

Are you kidding?

It's a vague connection to a card game based on a book that was MAKING FUN of the notion of the Illuminati.

There were 26,000 people in that race. How many do you think had blond hair and a green shirt? Or a red, blue, yellow, black, orange or polka dot shirt for that matter.

This thread is at the very least misinformation presenting as disinformation. The only question is whether this nonsense//static is being disseminated deliberately or is simply the product of useful idiots.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39530681

Now you are distracting from the obvious and showing the hand of shilling, which always includes name calling and labelling anyone an idiot in order to psychologically manipulate readers. This is a common tactic in political correctness and communistic ideology because it is effective on weak minded individuals who conform to the herd for comfort. The hardest thing to do is to take a stand on truth when it goes against the herd and against shills whose sole role in life is to slap and berate the lone sheep as an idiot as they try to leave that said herd when they identify that the shepherd is nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Vague connection? The exact woman is on the card directly in front of the explosion. She hands off to red and in comes blue. Again, the three colours of the card. At the end of the day, it proves beyond doubt that it was a pre-planned and staged event and as Our Wonderful Father in Heaven continues to send hailstones (exposure and removing of lies) into the lives of those He is drawing, all your shilling in the world by attempting to keep the few sheep browbeaten by name calling will fail. Why? Because His Spirit is far greater than the spirit in this world that only works through lies and deception. That's all these people got in this world to maintain their mind control over people - lies and deception of those who continue to stubbornly reject the One who promises to give Truth. And as there is no comparison, the liars and deceivers have brainwashed the masses to want to conform to the status quo by instilling in them the sense of conformity at all costs even in the face of Truth. That is communism 101 - being scared senseless and intimidated by bullies whose sole purpose in life is to browbeat the poor sheep as they attempt to leave the herd. Bad sheep! You are an idiot ! Get back under our mind control sheep!

Are you going to sit here and actually deny that the same game cards showed the world trade centres exploding and the pentagon, 6 years before they happened???? Was that too just "making fun of" the notion of an illuminati? Then you live in a different world than I do among those same wicked men who only lie and deceive. Psychopaths and sadomasochists ANNOUNCE things because in their pride and arrogance they get off on it. Their entire life is about control and the power of controlling. Just as Cain, they do nothing but call out the Abel's to the field and then slaughter them. It's their nature. And the only way that they can get that power and control is to remove the only One who promises to make us free and give us eyes and ears to see truth and to discern lies- Jesus Christ. As they have done that, the masses worship the beast instead. In their ignorance, they deny Truth and get all these lies instead, believing them to be truths.

That woman on the card in 1995 was placed just directly in front of the explosion in 2013. Green shirt, headphones, headband, tossing something, explosion to her left and the captian "No one ever suspects a harmless jogger". Somebody made sure that that image was there in real life. In which case, one thing is definitely TRUE : the explosion was known about. That's the only truth that is available here and it is sufficient to prove that this entire event was manufactured and planned. In which case, there are two choices: keep letting the sheepdogs bite you to keep you in the herd of blinded sheep or make a break by calling on the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who promises that all who call on Him will be saved. We are so close to the end of this age and as foretold, the saints are nearly overcome but in the end of it, they WILL PREVAIL. Run sheep, RUN!
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