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Message Subject The Game Has Changed - Boston Bomber In Plain Sight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I had to revive this ridiculous thread to provide my analysis of the video. I watched, and re-watched it 100 times using the most HD versions I could find.

Bottom line findings: The woman in green doesn't throw anything, and the old man who falls doesn't catch anything, and here is why.

If you watch the lady in green, the lady jumps when the blast goes off, and her hands go to her ears, it's only because of that movement it looks like her arm raises up and tosses something. If you watch the people in yellow standing along the rail, the one farthest away reacts to something flying past her legs, she is startled by the blast and jumps backwards, but you can't see it, it's not until it turns it's flat side towards the camera in flight that it appears. The lady in yellow actually cringes away from it like it almost hit her in the legs. This is the trajectory of the object you claim to see being tossed by the woman in green. It flies directly at the old man, if you look there are several things that land near the old guy when he falls, in the still photos you see debris all around him.

He was not trying to catch anything, the blast scared him and he's pushing out his arms as he falls. The trajectory of the object appears to contact his left hand then disappears, probably because it was a flat object and it's thin side turned to the camera as mentioned above, you can't see it after it contacts him because the thin side is facing the camera. Same as why you couldn't see it fly past the woman in yellow. The lady isn't throwing anything, you people that think she did are just blending 2 separate events together. It's debris flying from the left, and the old man flailing as he falls.

The object ends up at his feet, this white item you see here [link to 4.bp.blogspot.com] something like this (notice it's flat) while sailing through the air will look like a decent sized object flying through the air, but as it enters the cameras view, being pushed by the blast, flat side facing the camera it suddenly vanishes as it contacts the fallen man, just as it vanished as it flew past the woman in yellow. It's thin and flat, it's like watching the paper thin card from a deck fly through the air, it's only visible when the flat side is facing you, otherwise its damn near invisible, especially from as far away as the camera is. Plus he obviously already has something in his left hand, mostly likely his sweat band for his head.

Sorry but neither one of these people IMO tossed, caught or had anything to do with the bombing.
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