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Deathbed confessions.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 39674897
United Kingdom
05/12/2013 09:31 PM
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Deathbed confessions.
There has been in conspiracy circles a number of so called death bed confessions, some concerning UFOs and aliens others JFK assassination etc.

Yet has it not occurred to many, who just want to believe, that some could be doing it on orders and are loyal to the very end. These events are a perfect way of spreading untruths, and manipulating certain information which maybe true to draw a wrong conclusion. Those that would of had access to this kind of sensitive information would of been indorctrinated to such a degree that even the idea of talking would be out of the question, the conditioning to the environment they have been working it would be also a part of the instinctual behaviour, and that is secrecy and keeping those secrets.

Also many of those who spilt the beans, seem to have no other evidence to back up their claims, you would of thought that they would of had something just for themselves, but it just statements.......