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Message Subject Im back, after a few weeks with no laptop... now I got mk ultra and aliens and masonics all over me
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
went to foodlion and got some video of the masonic face touching, and things doing it and saying nothing is going on, I stood there joking them on tape, and you can see the foodlion employees know they are fucked, know the public is fucked and it was the presidential system and freemasons that did it... you can see shit flying off everyone faces and heads onto others doing it and you can hear the masonic gangster talk talk and hear me joke them and you can see there is a problem, they are doing what im saying, im shooting video of it and everyone is acting like nothing is going on... and you could see christine the foodlion check out girl SEEEEEE there is a problem, they are all in on it and are watching the lizard masonic cult do why they kill it and more.. and you can see the cops know they are dead and gone cuz of what they did, I got the classic norfolk cop on tape with white flashes and signs and wrong talking... and everyone knows, and no one will ever do anything... and thats freemasonry and thats the way it is.. and yes, they said killing everyone is responsible masonry... and this is why I saw everyone switched out over and over... joke them , mock them , kill them and say they were never here.. thats freemasonry and pain and play and thats the way it is.

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