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Message Subject Im back, after a few weeks with no laptop... now I got mk ultra and aliens and masonics all over me
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
me with a portal open and 'men' with 'wings' flying in it ... they said to put 'wave' in it and kool them down, and it makes me immortal.

That's interesting. You know your not immortal right? It just doesn't happen although I have read of yogis that don't decay after apparently dying for hundreds of years.
 Quoting: WindyMind

this seems to be the problem, the masons say I am immortal, and king ... and I was sent here to find out my id and the masonic tech hidden in tulls bay are real, and they are mad ... they couldnt kill me as jesus, and got mad I logged the whole thing here...

looks like, if I dig up the right tech, im immortal.

if I list the hundreds of genetic stamps I found that I can think in front of the masons and more, its clear something is going on... multilbes of them make the esp say immortality...

mulitible lifetimes and more to create this too, and the masons know it, its why they tried to kill me or force me to join them so bad.

people here at glp know....
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