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Message Subject Im back, after a few weeks with no laptop... now I got mk ultra and aliens and masonics all over me
Poster Handle WindyMind
Post Content
Zakks gotten better lately compared to his older work.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29922979

What do you mean by that?
 Quoting: WindyMind

yea , all I did was write down for 10 years exactly what was going on.... most people here watched and thought it was fake, now they have an 'uhhhhh' problem... meaning, everyone who said it was fake knew it was real and now is fucked...

and its the police, the fbi, the secret service, the military, the cia ... and much much more.
 Quoting: Zakk

There has to be a good guy or two on top of this, my fear is they are just letting the bad guys go until it turns around on them.....meaning that it is a long term view and doesn't get solved in this time frame.

We live in a dark universe.

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