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Message Subject Im back, after a few weeks with no laptop... now I got mk ultra and aliens and masonics all over me
Poster Handle Mr. D
Post Content
uuhh...I would edit that first post with the killing crap..my opinion zak..k..i have been taking lithium lately..it helps.

i almost forgot..MO..is sooo...hot
 Quoting: Gonviral

you have to understand, the freemasons said join them or die and im delusional at the same time, and said they would kill me if I didnt, I have now logged 10 years of that, and every spy agency in the world found out the hard way its real...

next, the secret service locked me up and said be jesus or die...

those are documented, confirmed and real death threats from REAL agencies of the USA government who ...

used me to train the norfolk police, and navy seals to kill people.

and then ran me around in front of everyone saying be jesus or die while they bragged they stole the ark of covenant, billions in nazi gold, space ships and star gates from the septic tanks in tulls bay marina...

then, after years of this I began to log the .. kill them all thing... and now, every abc agency in the USA knows me, cuz they said join them or die and in delusional to cover up what they did , thus.. doing both and saying its fake in front of everyone which them proves.... there is a problem ... it was and still is the real thing, complete with santanic cult denial, and masonic codes...

with me joking them to their faces, pointing out what they did and are doing and screaming kill them all to their faces cuz they fucked me, lied on me, played me, locked me up and poisoned me and said .. be jesus or die and join them or die.

now, they... the freemasons are mad that people have picked up on this attack and repeated it back to them..

do both, say its fake while you do it and say nothing is going on while you threaten them with death ... and then deny them .... telling them nothing is going on.

ill bet you im the last one in the usa not in the masonic cult... and 300 million actors are still acting... cuz, like the sick collective they are.... everyone knows...

they also know, the police, fbi, cia, secret service and homeland security and aliens and freemasons are busted and its provable on paper.. this is how I beat them.

[link to www.tullsbaymarina.hostei.com] is still real, was the whole time and beat them all.

notice, they said nothing is going on, join them or die and be jesus or die and got mad I did it back to them....


play metallica kill 'em all ... and then some ice t cop killer... and then play anti FBI music .. icp psypher 3 ....

they made the music for whats real.. and are singing about it while they do it... thats alien gangster style and everyone already knows...

 Quoting: Zakk

SOUNDS like you are smack dab in the middle of battle. Don't let them win, keep your wits about you and keep playing Metallica.
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