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Message Subject Im back, after a few weeks with no laptop... now I got mk ultra and aliens and masonics all over me
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
another monday with .. nothing going on, and the mk ultra screaming .... I can close my eyes and see people figting, screaming, and interacting.. it looks like yellow on black igh speed psychotic art .. and its everyone who fucked me, mad they are masonic losers and did what killed them and they do both, say its what kills them and say its fake and say nothing is going on.

also, its external, its around me, not IN me .. im not a mason, I can see the things in norfolk, the spies, organic portals, magic boxes (mason man) and more interact with it, and they respond by talking wrong, touching their faces or making signs...

and everyone says... nothing is going on while they do it.

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