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Message Subject Im back, after a few weeks with no laptop... now I got mk ultra and aliens and masonics all over me
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
remember who I am, ok. I am the guy who said, the freemasons of moyock/currituck county said join them or die, my marina is on their property... this after getting sucked into a kung fu school that let me train norfolk cops and navy seals to kill people... which lead to the navy seals thinking they could do anything they wanted with tulls bay marina, because they asked if they could use my marina no questions asked... this led to the customers at the marina saying 'zakk you should join the masons', then it became 'join the cult or die' and .. 'you are delusional' in the same sentence.... then it was poison in the mental hospitols from the freemasons who still said nothing is going on , but join them or die...

then they actually got mad the bank which I was forced to borrow money from wanted its 80,000.00$ back ... and they foreclosed .. while I was in mental hospitols being told im delusional cuz I said 'masonic'.

now, the police fucked me, the fbi fucked me, and the secret service fucked me, after the navy seals fucked me like the norfolk cops....

this be jesus or die from the united states secret service is a little too much...

add.. everyone around me is illegal but me... and it only gets worse cuz, they watched me write down whats real for over 10 years here, and mocked me and said its fake , to the death and im delusional.. all at the same time...

remember now, I cant hide any of this from the all see'ing eye... AND THATS WHO FUCKING DID IT MOTHERFUCKERS.

see, they do both , all that and say its fake while they do it, then they dance and say they are superior...
... thats 'dead people' for ya.

now say 5 minutes and nothing is going on... thats the CIA response ... add 5 buck and its over... all the GLORIOUS numbers and colors of freemasonry die a joke because of this, joke them to their faces .. 'they are already dead'.

get it now?
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