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Message Subject Im back, after a few weeks with no laptop... now I got mk ultra and aliens and masonics all over me
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
This is a definition of crazy, what it feels like when people are lying to you.
 Quoting: WindyMind

this is where it gets baaaaad.

when cults, freemasons make people lie on you, cheat you and mock you and tell you you are delusional at the same time, and then talk about dominance ... they are sick, and this is why it is illegal, its racateering and in my case, its the local government of currituck county, the local police there, the state police and alcohol law enforcement of nc, then the irs and then the fbi ... lastly add the secret service saying be jesus or die ... and you get my 10 year story on glp.

complete with both, everyone saying its fake and doing what im saying ... to their faces.

this is why freemasonry is illegal, they will do both, front and lie and say nothing is going on.

notice who runs the country... all the freemasons.

watch now, they have infected all 300 million in the usa box with the masonry.

and then said join them or die, im delusional, be jesus or die, nothing is going on and they all die in the same sentence...

logged here now in a straight line for over 10 years.... out in the open and in front of everyone.

this is why abdication is very very bad .... its the police, the government and freemasons of currituck county nc, who bumped with the masons of los angeles and the government... all of them, and they all found out they are living the lie, sick, and mad I told 100% the truth here for 10 years, cuz, they fucked themselves... all of them did.. and stood there saying nothing is going on while touch their faces, talking like lizards , laughing and mocking and going so...

way beyond the point of death now... I have seen too many of them switched out.. and seen the result of people seeing that... the lie more , deny more and touch their faces more.... and sing god, jesus, and denial all in the same sentence...

this, while saying .. join them or die and nothing is going on and you are crazy...

all same time.
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