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Message Subject I have no proof or knowledge of this, but what if the ruling elite and the Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Mindfulnesz
Post Content
And the "truth" that we have been fed is the deception?

Again, I'm NOT saying this is true. I want to see if anyone else has any knowledge to confirm or deny this.

It would be an easy way to discredit people with no proof either way without lifting a finger.

So, if the Luciferians just call these ruling elite evil and our controllers, who could deny it or prove otherwise?

What do you think?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4330456

I often wondered something like this my self..
What if everything is backwards? example:

What if the Bible does not describe the word of God
but that of Satan, and the Satan described in the Bible
is actually God.. Many believe this world is ruled by Satan,
what if he wrote the Bible and just turned everything upside down?
There for Satan deceives you in thinking
that you believe/following God when in fact you follow Satan.

And I know many people will say: Impossible, because the Bible
is the truth because the prophet who wrote the bible says
he was talking to God.. But wouldn't Satan WANT you to believe
that? Or maybe the prophet THOUGHT he was talking to God
but in fact was talking to Satan?

What if the churches, who are satanist, and using all kinds
of satanic symbolism and rituals tell you NOT to follow something
because it's the work of Satan, but in fact is the work of God, and there for maintain control.

I just like to play with these thoughts, everyone is just blindly
following what they have been told, or learned by their parent's,
but nobody ever thinks about the possibility that ALL of them
could be wrong, generation unto generation.. And there for
you will never get out of the doctrines
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