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Interview with dying CIA/Military UFO specialist. Interesting stuff.

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05/14/2013 12:51 AM
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Interview with dying CIA/Military UFO specialist. Interesting stuff.
Watch the video and listen to what this guys says.

I've never heard of or seen this guy other than in the interview Linda Multon Howe did a few years back with him that I vaguely remember listening to before he disappeared.

Somehow to me there is an honest person speaking here.

I could be wrong and it won't be the last time if I am, but I believe this guy.

Why would he lie as he's literally dying in a few months?


For who? His family? It's a thought, I agree.

Is he really telling the truth? I think he is.

Enjoy, then make up your won mind.

[link to vimeo.com]


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