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Had a visit last night, third one since December.

It's hard to describe, the bedroom was dark, went to bed early 8:00pm. I am not sure what to call it as it could not be seen. I will say it felt masculine, very strong, I felt a pulling sensation all over my body and it was familiar. I asked him to speak to me, however, I went to sleep with my headphones on and could not hear a sound but could feel the headphones on my head but could not remove them. I could not move my limbs but could move my body (astral body?) about the room. I wondered around for a bit seeking conversation from him. He seemed scared, I was not. There was a bicycle in the room, I could vaguely see the handlebars, road bike. There is no bicycle in my bedroom! I was partially awake the whole time. Entire event lasted lest than a minute. I woke up immediately after the event 10:00pm pst and turned on the lights.

Not a terribly good description, it was weird. Tried to bring him back. No luck. Maybe next time.

Whatever he was, he seemed scared or timid.

One more thing, I felt breeze like breath on the back of my neck while inspecting the bicycle.

It was a very strange event, not sure what to make of it.
 Quoting: Pyractomena borealis

Hi Pyractomena (or Firefly), thanx for your Xperience...
First of all, I love your avatar, with those cute YinYang seashells
Your description sounds a lot like some sort of sleep paralysis. In a more literary way, looks like a cool tale on mixed timelines... Maybe the bike's owner left some sort of psychic resonance in the room (lol, that's a weird "explanation", so let keep the Occam's razor about that).

Thanx for sharing, tell us more hfbeer2blobr
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