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I'll repost this video as a real person rather than an anonymous coward... :) Yes, I've been 'engaged' by various off-planet experiences for most of my life.

 Quoting: Zendor

Gee, thanx Zendor, really nice from you, "as a real person".

Please, may you share with us some of your "off-planet experiences"??? I'm sure that's a very interesting stuff.hf
 Quoting: Inerrancia

Very interesting. Can/will you share?

And sorry OP, I deleted my post. I've had strange things happening to me for a few months and sometimes I feel too uncomfortable talking about them. I've just been afraid that "they" wouldn't appreciate me spilling anything..

As far as the abductions with the weird probing of the human body, I strongly feel (based on different sources) that the ETs involved in anything negative, are the ones who have invaded our planet against the laws of the universe (maybe the ones working with TPTB). Recently I feel we've had a massive infiltration of the good guys who are against TPTB because of the cruelty inflicted on all living things. The world governments and "bad" ETs know about their arrival & don't like it a bit because now they're being held responsible, hence the melt down of world governments/economies/coverups/etc. Everything needs to be dismantled, so it can be built back up the right way, and we're finally getting outside assistance.

The dark powers of this world are finally being exposed and expelled. I can't wait to see it trickle down to the "smaller" forms of evil doers, because it will.

Yay :)
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