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Message Subject *** Obama Snowball Continues: Now the EPA? *****
Poster Handle M*walk
Post Content
You have to wonder what is going on w/ the timing of all this.

There is probably only one answer.

There is a war heating up between Soeterro and Clintons. The Benghazi murders drove a wedge between Barry and Hilary, one or the other would be blamed. Now the Clintons and their loyalists are leaking on Obama.

The Dems will slowly coalesce around Hilary, why? Because obama will be a lame duck and Hilary represents 2016.

It's good to watch the soeterro clinton circular firing squad!!!
 Quoting: CommonCents

This deserves it's own thread, great comment!
 Quoting: M*walk

Damn good observation

I will be shocked if anything comes of this or any scandal related to Obama, they will all fall on their swords, it is like Spartacus, TPTB will not let their first commie progressive Muslim African American president fail, they will twist this story and all others until they become unrecognizable and impossible to decipher fact from fiction, everyone is Spartacus, Obama must not fail, Obama must go down in history as the best thing that ever happened to this country.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30323667

thanks! read my edit. because if he is here just to forward an agenda then the left could very well throw him under the bus like he has done to so many. But you could be very well right too, in that they don't want him to go down in infamy. Which he has already in the eyes of sensible people.
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