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Message Subject Illuminati Card "BACKLASH" Being Played Now
Poster Handle JustinSider
Post Content
You have to think like these people, and these people are very f***ed up. They will stop at nothing, they always have a plan, they have back ups of their back ups of their back ups, they have contingency plans for their contingency plans.

They are always ahead, obviously, they own everything and control everything. They are "Creating" life as we know it. Nothing is by coincidence, there is nothing that they cannot stop, create, or fabricate.
They have created slaves, we are all slaves, we do not know our purposes in the wide scheme of things. Some of us are involved with out even knowing it.

They have created the disconnection, the reason why people are starting to have communication problems. (or maybe thats just me). So people don't talk to each other, and tell people what is going on. And then Everything they control is feeding us different stories, with out us even knowing it. I have been talking with my best friend, who just got out of the marines, whom i hadn't spoken with for a very long time, and i told him to watch the extortion 17 videos, and he was deployed in Africa when it happened, and they told the Marines all sorts of misinformation about Extortion 17 crashing, that it was a training exercise, I had to tell him that it was shot down. he almost didnt believe me. They are not allowed to visit any types of "conspiracy sites" so aj suck cock and wikileaks and i think even drudge is off limits to them.

EVERYTHING that has been happening, is by design IMO. The leaks, the whistleblowers, everything. They create, and they control. They create and they control. Then they have you believing everything that is "Created".

IF all this cover up shit being leaked isn't by design, they still control it, and will dominate it. They know how to spin it, they know what to do. They have the master plans.
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