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James Holmes Is Being Railroaded To A Death Penalty - Letters To Globe Magazine

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05/14/2013 02:19 PM
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James Holmes Is Being Railroaded To A Death Penalty - Letters To Globe Magazine
April 29, 2013

Dear Sirs,

This concerns the James Holmes case. Much of this is psychic information, so I need to qualify my statements here

First, I have good reason to believe that the female attorney who sits with him in the courtroom isn't a lawyer. I have reason to believe she is a fake attorney. I have seen this before. I questioned what she knew about the term mens rea, and she couldn't answer. She also couldn't answer about habeus corpus. I asked her several times if she understood these terms. Then I asked her about the terms estoppel, and consideration. Both of these terms concern contracts and torts. Consideration concerns contracts. She answered them very quickly and easily. She said, "I know what those mean ... they mean ...". I tossed these out as variables in this to see if she was willing to answer any question, and she was. But she didn't understand mens rea, which is central to a criminal case. A person can only assume that the woman has been trained as the fake attorneys are, to pretend to be attorneys in certain law suits, and to say the right buzz words at the right time.

This woman was apparently so furious that I was starting to get in the middle of the Holmes case again, that either she or a proxie came in on Saturday night to do something there at the shelter where I stay. As far as I can tell, the security was on guard concerning the movements of this woman. This was what else I found out about her:
She worked for an attorney for awhile as some kind of secretary, not even a paralegal. I heard that she came out of Virginia or Maryland, somewhere East. She has no training in law, but just wanted to be in the middle of a court case. That is it for her.

James Holmes' father apparently is some kind of big wig in financing and/or computers. Yet, Mr. Holmes' father allows his son to be defended by a public defender. Apparently a top notch non-white collar criminal defense attorney can be retained with $20,000. The final bill would probably run to around $10,000,000. This could be paid in installments. If Mr. Holmes walks as a victim of legal fraud, he is looking at a major personal injury suit that would easily pay for all the bills and then some. I just wanted to show here that Mr. Holmes' father is allowing him to be set up to die for a crime he did not commit.

A person shared that four gunmen were at the theater at the time of the shooting. Mr. Holmes was not there. He was at a friend's house, and was taken to the police station at some time during the night or early morning. I hear that there may have been around four or five others in the car with him. It may have been a green SUV large of foreign design. I don't know the make.

Mr. Holmes claims he does not remember being at the theater. He remembers being at his friend's home that evening. He doesn't remember going to the police station. I heard that he was simply commanded not to remember the trip to the police. This command I know personally.

Apparently Mr. Holmes had found out about a plan to torture and murder a man, and informed the police about the plan. Someone making the plan was killed. This set up was retaliation for Mr. Holmes ratting on the people who were wanting to do this, and for aiding in the one participant getting murdered. I heard that the targeted torture victim was a Turkish man.

There were others in the theater who helped with the plans, but who did not participate in the shooting. Women were included here.

Recently the defense counsel offered to the D.A. a plea of guilty, with the condition that the death penalty would be removed from the sentence options. The DA informed defense that defense needed to turn over some information before this plea could be considered. Consequently, this plea of guilty, which would have ensured at least Holmes's life until an appeal, was rejected.

According to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, there is a procedure required in all criminal cases, that the two opponents in the trial turn over all requested documents. This is done in the discovery stage of the trial. According to Holmes, defense had already turned over all documents required by the rules. There was nothing else to turn over to the state. If the opposing side refuses to turn over requested documents, there is recourse, according to the rules. There is no allowance to turn this into a bargaining chip to refuse the right to make a pleading to avoid trial. The man was willing to plead guilty.

I have added below the section from the FRCP concerning discovery requirements for defense, and failure to comply.

As far as I can see, this act of offering a plea that is summarily rejected on these grounds is an effort to make a facade of good faith bargaining before trial, while they in fact did not want the plea to be accepted. The attorneys wanted Mr. Holmes to face the death penalty by forcing a "not guilty by reason of insanity" pleading, which can be easily sabotaged in order to lose the trial. In addition to this, the trial would be humiliating for him, as it will set authorities on the stand, expert witnesses, who will claim all sorts of things about Holmes, belittling him and saying he did or said weird things, and just humiliating him. He would be raked over the coals, and he will be hurt, for the fact that he tried to help a man that someone else wanted to torture to death. They will lie. Apparently the police have already told Holmes that he took some kind of device to pry open the door from the outside, to show that he acted alone. According to one police witness, this type of entry into a theater is an impossibility, as the locks are magnetic, and any effort to force them will set off an alarm in the security office.

I talked psychically to Mr. Holmes last night. I told him a bit about the insanity defense and what was going to happen to him. I told him that the trial was going to be delayed if they choose this defense, and that there was going to be a new judge, presumedly a man from Central America. James got upset. He had thought that this wasn't going to take long - understandably, as he believed it would be quickly proved that he is innocent. Now it has started to hit him, that he is really being set up to die. I told him I would do what I can.

In Frendak v. The United States, 1979, a court in the District of Columbia decided that a defendant could reject the insanity pleading if he so chooses, given certain requirements on this decision. The decision in Frendak was that if a defendant was determined able to stand trial and understand the implications of the proceeding, then he had the right to choose not to make an insanity pleading. A number of jurisdictions have retained the right of counsel to decide for the defendant, but according to one report, this could most likely be overturned by a Supreme Court decision, given the Courtís decision concerning other related matters. Essentially, James could possibly put it on record that he did not want the insanity pleading, and his counsel would be hard put to force it on him.

I'm a voice, and James looked at me very soon after the incident, almost immediately. Somehow he knew about what I have done before, my letters and my willingness to talk about the taboo issues. I have already written about James, which I believe is why the attorney was so mad that I was starting to look into the case again.

This looks like an almost identical set up as the one with John Wayne Gacy, including the changing of the judges, and the little maneuvers such as the rejected plea bargain.

James has not confessed to the police, as far as I know. Also, there were no eye witnesses who could actually identify James at the theater. The shooter wore a mask, or all the shooters wore masks.

Finally, as James' father refuses to help him get quality counsel, perhaps the news media who are so interested in the truth, could pool their resources and secure a top of the line defense attorney, to help this poor man get out of jail and not be railroaded through a humiliating trial and a life on death row. He wants to go back to school, hopefully outside of the Denver area.

This is a total waste of excellence and human intelligence. I am going to share this letter with several other news agencies. This will be an ongoing effort, and I will write more on this later.

Thank-you very much.


Susan F. Smith

re: James Holmes.

I don't have anything to substantiate this, but someone told me last night, a man who seemingly was in the middle of the event, that between 40 and 100 people were killed. It was not 14. First, the man said 100 people. Then someone else said it was around 40. It could be presumed that the reason why the number was cut down was because if the real number had been revealed, the lone gunman theory would collapse immediately. I believe that it was around 100.

Also, I have reason to believe that some of the news videos, including a longer news situation, are fake, in that the people talking about what they saw were lying, and were very possibly not even present at the time of the shooting. I am acquainted with a series of news documentaries that come out of the office of one reporter, that utilizes a stable of fake witnesses, whom this reporter interviews in different situations, and they talk by a script. I realized what was going on when I caught one woman in two of the documentaries, using some kind of expression that was too identical, and I looked at both and it was the same person, in two news items coming from two totally different situations in two different locations. I can't say anthing much more revealing at this time, because I could get killed or seriously hurt if I actually revealed his identity. But his reports are fake, and he may not even be in the location he claims he is, when he does his filming and interviewing.

I have reason to believe that the man puts plants in the location before the event in question, who later becomes a fake witness to the event. I saw an extended news item concerning the shooting in which I saw a man such as this who looked like he could be a relative of the reporter, and who said some very ludicrous things concerning Holmes' mental makeup.

I have been watching news videos on the shooting aftermath, and so much of the testimony sounds fake and off, things that should catch the attention of someone who was listening closely. I believe even the short news items, such as with people in the hospitals after the shooting, are made of fake witnesses. Some described the scene in a manner that didn't sound right, such as the guns only looking like sparks in the corner of the room. A few of the witnesses didn't have the awareness to understand how loud a shotgun or a semi-automatic rifle would sound in an enclosed space such as a movie theater, and just overlooked this part of the event when they were describing the scene. I forgot how many shots they described happening in just a minute or two, but if it really was a shotgun or an automatic rifle, it would be absolutely deafening, yet these witnesses didn't catch it.

I am acquainted with this particular reporter, and I am also acquainted with some of his stable of witnesses he utilizes. This man has dipped in and out of the living situation I am in, a homeless shelter in Portland, Maine, for the presumed purpose of doing a documentary of this place. I was told that he could easily have already made the film, and this is still a possiblity, and I would never even have known it, because it would all have been done in a separate location with his actors. The message in the film would have been according to what he wanted it to be, and have nothing to do with the reality of the situation.
These fake witnesses, already in the news videos, could easily, first, be utilized to support the idea that there was a lone gunman popping off a shotgun in the theater, and then leaving, and then later these same fake witnesses could be used at trial for the same purpose.

There were incongruous reports on even the police scanner in the beginning, and there were at least two other suspects that were never mentioned again. Yet within a very short time, less than a day, and maybe just with a couple of hours, the only suspect was Holmes. There were no more suspects to apprehend. The police scanner said there were guns and gas masks in the car, before the man was apprehended. I heard psychically that there were a good number of guns. According to the final report that we all heard, the only gun in the car was a pistol. But the police said guns and masks - plural.

I am looking into the amount of time the police decided there was only one suspect, as I don't believe there was sufficient time whatsoever to make a determination such as this. As you well know, the police didn't have a closed perimeter for at least thirty minutes after the shooting. One of the news witnesses stated he got out during the lull in the shooting, and simply went out to his car, not being stopped by the police. Accoring to one news video, quite a few people just left, without being stopped by the police. Yet it became certain that it was only Holmes and nobody else, at least within twenty-four hours of the shooting, but I believe within maybe one hour.

I have been reading about forensics investigations, and I have become aware of the intricacies of the investigative process, and what it all involves. There is no way in hell that it could be decided that all those killings and maimings could have come from one gun within that amount of time. Absolutely no way. There is so much to analyze to make that determination. Witnesses lie, and people make false confessions everyday. A false confession has to be verified by the facts, and not on its own. It is a point of fact here that Holmes has never made a real confession, and the only people who identified him were the police who presumedly unmasked him at the car.

The man is being railroaded to a death penalty, just as it happened with John Wayne Gacy. The model is nearly identical, including the insanity pleading. The DA rejected a pleading of guilty without the death penalty, on the grounds that the defense hasn't come forward with material for the trial. This is totally bogus, and it looks like both sides are just trying to make a show of good faith.

I also want to report that I understand that Holmes' attorneys are abusing him, saying things like, "I don't like you", and "I don't want you to do anything", this last statement with the tacit meaning that they don't want him to have a life in the world. I also heard that one is physically abusing him. I hear that there is a witness to all of this who can confirm what I am saying. They make him cry. I also heard from someone else that none of them are real attorneys, but are fake.

This is it for now.

Thank-you very much.


Susan F. Smith

As you well know by now, Mr. Holmes has entered not guilty for reason of insanity plea, on May 7, 2013. I hear now that a man affiliated very closely with the Gacy trial has been seen in Denver, and apparently is helping to direct the counsel in the Holmes trial.

I have found some pieces of evidence that may help to work for Mr. Holmes. First, the police scanner showed police who found the white car behind the theater, as saying that there were guns and gas masks. The plural is very clear. Second, James Holmes could not have fired that many rounds into the theater, to have killed and wounded over fifty people. The reason for this is that the rifle he presumedly was using was not automatically firing. The trigger had to be pulled at every round, meaning every shot. This would require the muscle strength in his firing hand to surpass the requirements for the FBI. The FBI is required to fire a 45 automatic 60 times in one minute, and this was not a pistol, but a large rifle, with a more difficult trigger. Also, the shotgun Mr. Holmes reportedly was using, shoots at maximum capacity 9 rounds before needing to be reloaded. Many times in the news reports you hear police and others saying that Mr. Holmes fired up to 100 rounds in a matter of just a few minutes. This would be impossible for such an inexperienced shooter. There was one news report that stated that the accuracy rate, to drop so many people in such a short time, proved that Mr. Holmes had been practicing, as it was about as good or better than trained military. And there is more. There is one video from a cell phone, depicting someone wounded outside waiting for help, and lo and behold, there was an alarm going off behind her, as the emergency door had been opened, which sets off an alarm automatically. Yet there was no alarm when the unidentified man opened the door in theater nine. Also, police were already at the theater, to help in crowd control for the big rush to see the Batman movie in two theaters, as both theaters were packed. Not one witness interviewed after the shooting depicted the caliber of noise that would have been heard inside the theater, if that many rounds were being shot, and nobody rushed into the theater at the sound of so much gunfire, and certainly it would have spread into the lobby, and to the ears of the police standing by. One witness said there were only the sparks of the gunfire, and another said it went, pop pop pop. One hundred rounds of shotgun or assault rifle would have been deafening, and nobody could have missed it. This would have been the most prevalent experience of the whole event, unless you had been shot. Nobody said anything about the noise. Also, nothing was said about any emergency alarm going off. Also, witnesses who said they ducked down flat behind the chairs, suddenly knew what the shooter was doing in the front, although they shouldn't have been able to see him.

Please remember, the police scanner has the police at the car saying, "we have guns, and we have gas masks".
John Wayne Gacy was railroaded into an insanity defense that may have cost him his life. He was represented by absolutely inept counsel, whose opening statement told the jury that the man was guilty, but he was crazy. And it got worse from there. In Gacy's gentle inabiltiy to defend himself, he chose a man who stood 5'1", whose presence made the whole trial look like a joke. Apparently this same man, who, after such a blundering foul up of this trial, got promoted to a bench as a trial judge very shortly afterward. Now rumor has it that he is advising the Holmes defense team of things that need to be done.

One of the big positions for the Gacy defense was that Gacy had the attributes of Dr. Jekyle and Mr. Hyde, good and bad. I have found this same reference now being put onto Holmes, even in an online article by Psychology Today. My guess is that this is going to show up at the trial.
Mr Holmes did not want the insanity pleading, and legally he has the right to refuse it, as long as he allows himself to be evaluated to be able to make this decision. This is the Colorado statute, 16-8-101 and 16-8-103.

James Holmes could not have done the shooting that killed so many people, possibly more that haven't been accounted for. Yet the reasons why he couldn't have done it will be ignored, as the alibi will not be required for an insanity defense. The facts can be swept under the rug, and Holmes is facing a death penalty. The insanity pleading success rate for someone like Holmes is very limited, if there is any at all. The probability that he will be convicted on false testimony for something he didn't do, is very good, and he will be sentenced to death if convicted. It's a sham of the first order. I am out of time.

First, the photo that we see with him grinning strangely, with brown hair, was just a photo with him mugging for the camera. It only shows that he has a sense of humor, and says nothing about his being mentally ill. This I know from talking with him.

Two summers ago I found myself stuck in a homeless shelter in Oklahoma City, called City Rescue Mission. This shelter had a policy that the homeless who did not find work or schooling in thirty days were required to go into a program there called "Bridge To Life". This program happens to be a cult that rapes and beats and degrades the people who have gotten stuck there, as these people just don't know how to survive on the streets of OKC, and get pulled in gradually. When I was there, I found out that Bridge To Life turns the victims into robotic servants of their cult leader, whoever he/she is, and whoever they come from. Your guess is as good as mine here. But the issue is that the cult is run by a belligernt entity to the United States Government, and feeds eventually the workforce in several communities with these brainwashed zombies. One of these communities is reportedly Denver Colorado. The BTL cult machine feeds the service sectors, including security personnel, city employees, library, etc. You also find alongside these employees squadrons of fake police officers, who are running their own operation of picking up people on some pretense of needing to interrogate them for something, and then taking them somewhere to murder them. I am personal witness several times to these fake police, from experiences in Oklahoma City. I have evidence and another witness to confirm what I am saying.

It is reported that a very sizable number of city police in the Denver area are actually fakes coming out of the BTL machine. These fakes may or may not be working alongside the true DPD and APD. They may have their own office or wing, or they may just come out of nowhere at the right time.

It was reported that there were police officers already at the movie theater for the purpose of crowd control, as it was such a maximum crowd for the movie. I was sharing this last night, and someone said that it reminded them of something that happened, that when the shooting started, a police officer was actually there inside the theater, and was telling people not to panic.

I questioned the possibility of a police officer not being able to hear gun shots from the theater lobby, as this would be much louder than the movie running, and would be recognizable for any trained police.

I was discussing all the different details that people were ignoring, and the issue again came up about the security alarm. I said, "they had to have a security alarm, because it would be a requirement in their insurance policy." This is a major oversight. This is something that would be necessarily correct, that in order to be covered by any substantial liability insurance, you would have to have a security alarm on the doors. But there was not alarm on the side door in theater nine, for thirty minutes, so that any house security or police would come down to investigate. Undoubtedly there is a security office, with video monitors of all areas of the theaters. As soon as I mentioned the insurance policy, someone flipped out. They hadn't thought of this. It's a flaw in their cover up.
My theory at this time is that the man who stood up with his cell phone and walked to the door, was talking to someone in security, who had just turned off the alarms in theater nine. I believe that the security that had been set up in the Centure 16 theater, including the house cops, were a part of the corruption, instructed to look the other way and cooperate with what was coming down.

Holmes was targeted obviously because of his father, who is set to testify in the libor scandal. Seeing his son set up for a mass murder charge is going to weaken his stand as a witness to big money corruption. My theory on this also is that Mr. Holmes is not being permitted to hire an attorney for his son, by the same people who are trying to silence his testimony. It is too suspicious that such a well to do man, who has a top notch attorney for his own issues, doesn't raise a finger to help his son, and sets James to the dogs to be represented by inept legal counsel, to assure that he will be sentenced to death.

I have been informed that the man who was central to the Gacy trial is instructing Holmes' attorneys on what to do to railroad him to the death penalty, as they did Gacy. One of their big weapons is their belief that they aren't required to look at any evidence the proves Holmes' innocence, because all that is required is to call the expert witnesses about Holmes' insanity. His guilt, or the fact that he did it, is established at the time of the pleading of NGRI. All the details the show that he didn't do it at all, will be completely ignored. This is what the defense attorneys are being instructed to believe, and there could be a big stonewall with any evidence coming to them before trial, that proves his innocence. The attorneys are inept, and unable to process the information any other way than to proceed in this manner.

Another thing to consider, is that the District Attorney has stated publically that he has polled the Denver and Aurora people as to how they felt about the death sentence, or how to proceed with Mr. Holmes. He has done this while sitting on information that shows that James is in fact innocent, and he is not showing this to the public. He has made a decision to ask for the death penalty, using public opinion as his excuse for doing so. At the same time, no videos have been released to show what really happened, and all evidence pointing to Mr. Holmes' innocence is being suppressed. The Denver District Attorney in doing this is calling up a lynch mob, and he should be prosecuted for this.

Finally, the University of Denver insists still that there is no way that the notebook would have sat ignored in the mailroom for any length of time. They have to move the mail quickly, due to the important correspondances among the faculty and research personnel. It was a plant, and this says it all, really.

I think something is going to give, and it really needs to do so before the trial is underway.


Four more things today: First, James' fathers attorneys are not allowed to take the case, due to same corruption as the Holmes case. This looks bad for a law firm such as theirs. Normally, when a high powered law firm represents a high powered attorney such as Robert Holmes, they take all of the client's problems under their wings, including those of the family.

Second, Mr. Holmes' law firm advised James' attorneys to file a motion to dismiss, on the grounds of insufficient evidence to indict. They didn't do it. Included in this evidence is the fact that there is evidence that James cannot fire a gun. He tried to shoot a gun and got scared and couldn't do it. Also included is the fact that there were witnesses to what really happened in the theater, and their testimony has been ignored by the police.

Please include this in your roster of evidence and commentary.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 12680882
United States
05/14/2013 02:22 PM
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Re: James Holmes Is Being Railroaded To A Death Penalty - Letters To Globe Magazine
How about including a tl;dr?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 39828429
United States
05/14/2013 02:51 PM
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Re: James Holmes Is Being Railroaded To A Death Penalty - Letters To Globe Magazine
wow.. there seems to be a lot of truth to your story and somethings sound questionable. i still question if james is in on the operation as an agent.