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Message Subject Im a an african american republican and i voted for Obama
Poster Handle 2k3Mach
Post Content
And so far I think he is doing a great job...he is running a transparent administration, their is no corruption ,he is honest and he is getting the economy back on track after 8 years of Bush.
 Quoting: I EAT HUMANS

LIAR on many counts...

You are probably not a black republican
Obama is NOT running a transparent administration
There is corruption
he is a liar
the economy is worse since this POS took office

Oh, wait... this was a "who is a racist" test?
 Quoting: 2k3Mach

And youre an idiot who actually thinks Obama is any different than Bush. THEY WORK FOR THE SAME PEOPLE
*smacks you in the head*

sink in?

*smack you harder in the head*

tell me when it finally sinks in

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39753538

Might be true... but at least Bush and family didn't spend hundreds of millions "vacationing" out of country like ms obammy and her single parent kids..
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