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Message Subject Bold Prediction Made Today 5-16 Soon Many UFOs will Appear in the Skies : It will be Undeniable
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am here today to let you know that there is an upcoming time when there will be lots of action in the skies. You will see at various places around the globe many spectacles that will give people the knowledge that what they’ve been hearing and reading over the internet is true. They will see for their own eyes what is unmistakable and cannot be explained away by false reports of this and that.

As this continues for a few days there will be reports that there is something taking place and cannot be denied. Some of the media will even begin to change their reports and will feel the freedom to bring forth that which they have wanted to be able to let loose to the public. It is a matter of the hold on them being let loose and now they can come out of the closet and reveal that which they have been told to hide. They will be able to do this because the ones who would seek to silence them about the truth are no longer in their lives.

They have been removed from that influence, and now the truth can begin to come out even more than it has been.
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