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Message Subject Bold Prediction Made Today 5-16 Soon Many UFOs will Appear in the Skies : It will be Undeniable
Poster Handle Citratox
Post Content
Okay guys here it goes. Messages and events are rapidly leading up to disclosure. To tip the hand further of the USA, one of the few countries still not disclosing the truth of a benevolent ET presence, the Galactic Federation is going to be showing up more in our skies.

They have come out and said that there will be a series of sightings and events in the skies of Earth that will be undeniable.

Also since those controlling the media and world events have now been neutralized, the media will be more truthful in reporting these events. The gag order has been lifted.

This is also why you are starting to see more truth trickle out from the media.

So eyes on the skies everyone and be sure to stay tuned for these awesome events coming soon.

 Quoting: sirius 17894339

So does this mean that they were also removed from influencing stringpullers??!!
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