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Message Subject Bold Prediction Made Today 5-16 Soon Many UFOs will Appear in the Skies : It will be Undeniable
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Project Blue Beam, in short, says that the gov't will be projecting holograms of a UFO invasion that will take out a city (or a few more) to rally the world against a new common enemy (per Ronald Reagan's speech).

That aside, these GFL "channelers" are just trying to capitalize on current events. For 10 years, it's always "Soon" and when something like the media is now reporting on stuff they can't ignore, they'll try to take credit and say, "See? Now they're doing that, they'll report on other stuff."

No, news has to happen first before they report on it.

The people have to call in and say, "Why are you covering some celebrity's boobs instead of these fantastic ships in the sky?"

But they won't. Sadly, The Public would rather swoon over missing tatas.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38942157

Interesting...Maybe as to not be fooled people should be more vigilant...
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