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Message Subject Leaked 1949 UFO film.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hoax. The visual effects that are used to create the "old-timey" look are on a loop. You can see that the scratches and blotches reappear in the exact same spots.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22187442

I agree with Anonymous Coward 22187442.

This video is total BS.

The part that really gives it away is the sound of the movie projector running. When you transfer a film to video, you do NOT include the sound of the projector.

I've worked in media for overt 30+ years, trust me on this.

 Quoting: Soma/Comatose

Fully agree mate.. total BS. Lol.. sound of the projector via video conversion & the obvious old time film effects... So called films & videos of UFO's are mostly irreverent these days anyway.
The most crucially important aspects these days about ufology is not so much the study or finding evidence of ufos & ET's, but reaching out within ourselves & each other to enable us to make open contact. FFS..! we can't even get on with each other.. lol.. so how do we get on with any ET's. Their free power & anti-gravity tech would be nice to know more details off.. tho' of course we all know now how the free power & anti-gravity works these days. So, man, needs to work on their own Torus, Toroid & spinning magnets designs.. but it's just the aliens have got hold of some really good superconductors & thermionic converters which we humans don't seem to have access to.

I've seen ufo's but think they're a boring design.
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