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Subject UFO Over Dunedin, New Zealand. 16 May 2013
Poster Handle Fienx
Post Content
I don't have any video sorry (any that came out at lease).
Anyone else see it?

It looked like a street light. When I first saw it out the corner of my eye it looked very bright and was moving fast and up from the harbour. It then started moving the south west above the city then turned and looked like it was staying still, but it was getting dimmer so it must have been headed off away South East from the city at this stage. It then slowly faded out.

It wasn't a plane as far as I could tell; no flashing lights; very uniform colour light (amber-ish/orange-ish); seemed round. Checked through binoculars but still just looked like a flying street lamp bulb.

That it moved away from the city to the south-east is odd in that nothing is out that way for 1,000's of kilometers. And if it was a commercial flight of some sort it wouldn't have been that low when I first saw it and move the way it did, up from the low hight in the harbour and away.

Any ideas?
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