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Message Subject UFO Over Dunedin, New Zealand. 16 May 2013
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just found this website.

I saw it also.
I had just gotten home before 9PM and jumped in the shower.
On pulling my curtains in my bedroom I saw this bright orange light. It had shades of rotating white in it also, and it was slowly moving over the hospital. It was very bright.

It carried on to the Octogon (looking South) and hovered for at least two minutes right above the centre of the Octogan (or DCC building) at an estimated altidude of 1500 feet, from where it turned left (Eastward) and headed in a south-easterly direction climbing out over the South end of Andersons Bay and carried out to sea.
It just got fainter and fainter.

I first saw it at 8:55 PM, and went outside to get a better look, where I text my mates at 9:03 PM and watched it dissappear about 9:27 PM. Photos didn't really turn out, as it was distant when I went outside to look at it.
Pedestraions were also looking at it, and one Asian lady was filming it on her phone.

It was pretty cool! It just went right in front of our place.
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