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Message Subject 1241 A.D: Liegnitz & Mohi: How the Mongol Warriors of Genghis Khan Whooped the Knight Templar Ass!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Eight Holy Crusaders?.. no problem, after we mind our own business's in the UK, Germany and most of France when Ghengis Khan invaded and raped many countries included Spain and Portugal when Lisbon was called Ux.. and when Russia had all cities and towns raped and pillages by the Mongolian hordes, leaving only Novgorov and Pov intact..

.. The Eight Holy Crusade regroup in 1247 and in 1258: The Mongol chief Hulegu, grandson of Genghis Khan, sacks Baghdad, massacring the population and killing the last Abbasid caliph.

1260: The Mongol army, after occupying first Aleppo and then damascus, is defeated at the battle of Ayn Jalut in palestine. Baybars at the head of the Mamluk sultanate.

The Holy Crusaders had pushed Axis of Evil empires back.

Bad mistake, we should had massacre them.
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